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The File that contains the Google Earth Data of Young Aloha Visitors
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Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I view the Young Aloha Visitors Google Earth File?

If you already have Google Earth Installed on your computer, simple click on the button labled VISITOR FILE. It will launch Google Earth and you will see a lot of red "pins". If you do not have Google Earth installed, see the next question. You MUST have GE installed to view the file. (if it comes up as a .zip file, see question about zip below)


I don't have Google Earth Installed, how do I get it?

Click on the button (to the left) that says GOOGLE EARTH. That will take you to the Google Earth web site. There you can get information about GE and it is at this site that you can download GE for free.


If I add other places in Google Earth will they show up in the Youngaloha Visitors Section of the website?

No. They will stay in your version of Google Earth that is located on your computer but will not show up anywhere else.


How do I navigate around the Youngaloha Visitors File?

Once you have Google Earth up and running, you will see a lot of red "pins". Each Pin is labled with a location. Double clicking on the red pin will cause GE to zoom or Fly down to the location to see it close up. For more information about how to use Google Earth, click on the GOOGLE EARTH button to go to the GE website.


When I click on the Visitor file it downloads as a ZIP file, Why?

The file is a Google .kmz file. I'm really not sure why it shows up as a .zip file but if it does, just unzip it (un-zipping is built into XP and probably Vista as well) and you should end up with a file called YoungalohaVisitors.kmz. If Google Earth is installed, double clicking on that file should automatically launch Google Earth. If a list of programs comes up then you do not have Google Earth installed.