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OVERVIEW   was started about 10 years ago so that I could share some of my experiences with the Las Vegas Hawaiian community to the rest of the Internet. About 8 years ago, I began looking at statistics so that I could improve the site depending on what browsers people were using, what screen resolutions were being used, etc. I use a sevice called Addfree Stats. One of the pieces of info I get from the stats is where each visitor is from (well not them individually but the ISP that they are using). I have been tracking these locations on Google Earth. Each time I get a visitor from a place that is new to the website, I added it to my Youngaloha Visitors Places file in Google Earth.

This section of the website, allows you to download that file and view it in Google Earth. Each location is marked with a red "pin". I find great interest in "flying" to these locations and taking a look at where people live who visit

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