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Q: Do you charge for a Maternity Shoot?

A: Just like my regular shoots, no. You can make a donation to the "equipment" fund if you wish but that and the amount is totally up to you. I will ask you to fill out a model release. I may also ask that you allow me to put selected photos from your shoot on my website so that others who may want to do a maternity shoot has some samples to look at.

Q: Why do you take maternity photos?

A: I know some people are repulsed by pregnant women and think they are just FAT. When I was around 5 or 6, our minister's wife became pregnant. I was in the "LITTLE" youth choir and she was our choir director. Even back then I thought she was just the prettest lady that I knew. She was happy and I remember her just glowing with happiness. I have always found the Mommy-to-be extremly beautiful and extremely worthy to have their image remembered.


Q: What is a Month to Month photoshoot

A: Maternity is a special time in the life of a mommy-to-be. Even though most will have more then one baby, the first pregnancy is always the once in a lifetime event. I like to preserve that memory by taking photos about once a month starting around the end of the 2nd month (but can start anytime before the 8th month). I can then present to Mommy a record of her growth. For Example:


Q: I notice in the maternity samples from the Internet, many of the mommys are nude or semi nude. I'm a little shy will I have to pose like that?

A: The whole purpose of the maternity session(s) is to show mommy's belly in particular and her body (in general) as it was during this special time. I do NOT require that you be nude or semi-nude, that is YOUR call. I personally feel that the photo session is just not complete without showing mommys body expecially the belly. Almost all of those I have photographed have at the very least shown their bare belly and at the most very artistic partial nudity. Most of them said that they were shy but after a short while feel very comfortable in my home "studio". It is very relaxed, and even though I may see you nude, I will always treat you very professionally. I will photograph you in whatever way YOU desire, it's not up to me. So far every maternity shoot I've done has resulted in some partial nudity. You can see examples of my maternity photogrpahy and samples from the internet if you return to the main page.


Q: Can I bring my own outfits and do you have anything that I can wear if I choose to?

A: You can bring whatever you wish to be photographed in. I do not hurry the sessions (which is why they last around 3 hours). You can make as many changes as you wish. I do have some white material that I can wrap you in along with some transparent material which provides some cover while still seeing mommy's body. I also have a lot of polynesian lei, maile (leaves), pario (material that is tied on in various ways), etc.


Q: What else should I bring to a maternity shoot.

A: You might want to bring your favorite lotion to moisten the skin. You should bring a very brief panty such as a thong (so it does not get in the way-I have had a few who chose to remove their panties so that they do not show up such as when using transparent or very brief material). You should bring some water to drink unless you don't mind my water from a filter. Bring yourself, with a BIG smile (and a nice motherly belly). If you have any meaningful props, (stuffed animals, etc.) bring those too.


Q: I've seen maternity photos where daddy is also in the photo, can I bring Daddy?

A: YES! Most of my "mommys" however, have opted to come to the shoot and do all of her photos first and then call Daddy to come over toward the end of the shoot. Those doing month to month shoots often bring Daddy to just some of the shoots (the longer ones). Also sometimes Daddy is at and in every shoot. Daddys can be just as clothed or unclothed as mommy.


Q: What about the kids I already have, can I bring them to be in some of the shots?

A: YES! If you have little ones, they can be photographed kissing or touching your belly. Keep in mind however that you will want to give your full attention to your shoot and might not want to also have to babysit while taking photos.


Q: Can you put my photos on a website so that I can share them with my friends and family?

A: YES! Some of my mommys have opted to have their photos placed in the Youngaloha Photos section of my website Some have opted to have a more private website with an address of something like:'s name and can even be password protected. You will need to sign a model release (see my photoshoot faq for a copy of the release and questions about signing it)


Q: What different types of Maternity shoots do you do?


- Month by month (shows belly growth) starting as early as possible. (see photo above)

- Traditional 3rd Trimester which should be scheduled about 3 to 4 weeks before due date.

- Mid-term combined with 3rd Trimester (shows some growth but not as much as month to month).


Q: I know that the bigger sessions, (mid-term and 3rd Tri) take about 3 hours will all of the month by month sessions also take that long?

A: NO! If you opt to do a month by month, then we would start on a fairly long session sometime in your 1st or early 2nd trimester before the belly gets too big. During that session we will select the best outfits for the month by month. When you come back the next month, you will bring just those outfits and since we will want to match the previous poses, we don't have to get creative all over again. Those session will take about 30 minutes or so. Then the mid-term (around 20-25 weeks) might take a bit longer if you want to try other clothes and poses. This usually becomes the main shoot since the tummy is pretty big but Mommy still has a bit of figure and she still has energy. It will take about 2 or 3 hours. The 3rd Trimester session will take about 2 hours. It's a bit tricky since you will get tired quickly. We don't do any poses that could upset you or the baby.


Q: I'm already approaching or am in my 3rd Trimester, am I too late?

A: Absolutely NOT! The 3rd Trimester session is the "traditional" session that kind of got started back when Demi Moore appeared on a magazine in all her motherly glory. Many (as do I) now find these photos to be esential to complete the maternity process. Recently both Brook Shields and Britney Spears published photos of the 3rd Trimester bodies and they were beautiful, (you can see them in the Internet Samples on the main page).


Q: What is the ONE MONTH AFTER session all about.

A: It is sort of a follow-up from the maternity session(s) that show the outcome: a BABY. This is not really a Baby photoshoot but rather a Mother and Baby session. I take photos of the Baby in his/her birthday suit, I shoot hands and feet. The most important part are the photos of Mom and Baby together usually skin on skin. Again you do not have to be topless (I DO NOT photograph the belly at this session) but it makes for a more natural photograph. If you are breast feeding, those are always beautiful photos. If you have been doing the month by month, we will select one of the outfits you have been wearing all along and and shoot one more but this time with the baby in your arms. This is also a great session for Daddy to have some "photo time" with the baby, and great first time family photos with Mommy, Daddy, and Baby.


Q: Does the One Month After really have to be 4 weeks? I think my baby might be too fragile.

A: The sooner the better. I find that 4 weeks after birth is a good time but have gone as long as 9 or even 10 weeks. The baby will grow fast and after about 5 or 6 weeks may no longer look like a new born. The youngest I've done this shoot was 1 week old.


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