Here are some Questions and Answers About

Q: What is all about?

A: is basically a PHOTO website showing Photographs of various events, particulaly Hawaiian events, in Las Vegas, NV taken by Gregory Young. It also is the home of Young Aloha Photos.

Q: Who is Gregory Young?

A: Click on the Return button at the top and then click on Webmaster Information for a BIO on Greg Young

Q: Now that Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 came out, why can't I get into Young Aloha Photos?

A: The pop-up window that asks for a password is written in a scripted language. The new IE has this function disabled. There are two ways to work around this. The first method is to make and TRUSTED SITES. Youngaloha does not use any type of code that is harmful to your computer.

Method ONE (best choice)

1. Click on the Wheel/Cog Icon then

2. Click on INTERNET OPTIONS then

3. Click on SECURITY then

4. Click on Trusted Sites then click on Sites

5. Make sure that "Require server verification" is UNchecked

6. Type in then click on Add

7. Type in then click on Add

8. Click on Close then on OK

Method TWO requires that you change the setting which will then be enabled to ALL websites.

1. Follow steps 1-3 (above) then

2. Click on Internet then

3. Click on Cusom level

4. Scroll down to the Scipting section

5. On the line that reads: Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows, Click on Enable

6. Click OK then OK again

The pop-up password window will now function.

More Questions and Answers are coming soon. (UNDER CONTRUCTION)