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12/6/15 I am proud to announce that my Jr Miss Youngaloha Ms Hokulani over the past 4 years today becomes my current MISS YOUNGALOHA

Young Aloha Photos now calls Smugmug home and has a new Domain Name:

Over the past months, I have been migrating my photos over and changing them up. I still have a long ways to go to get everything moved but some of my biggest sections like Pohai have now been redisigned. You now view the photos as a slideshow or by arrow. It is still tied into but I'm trying to get the photos to appear as big as they can on most monitors.

NEW PHOTOS have been added to Pohai, Anela, Ari and some others have been upgraded or re-done completely.

3/4/13 Updated MAKENZIE's section of Youngaloha Photos and added her 2011 "Sweet 16" Photoshoot
2/19/13 Updated HOKU's section of Youngaloha Photos from her Back to School Photoshoot

A few changes to Young Aloha Photos. I originally password protected the "galleries" here so people from the Internet in general could not access the photos. I have since had a very few (possible) entries into the files. SO, as of today you will need the USERNAME AND PASSWORD to enter into Youngaloha Photos. SOME sections will require a second password. Those who need to see the files will be notified.

I have also added NEW photos into Anela's and Pohai's section from their 2012 Mother/Daughter Photoshoot.

8/28/12 becomes a TEEN today. This website began in it's present domain on August 28, 1999 (13 years ago). SO, to celebrate, I am redesigning the look beginning with the homepage. This will be done over time and even though there are a few glicthes still, the new homepage is up and sports the images of both my MS Youngaloha, Heu AND my JR MS Youngaloha Hoku who just happens to be becoming a TEEN also this year.
7/31/12 Updated HOKU's section of Youngaloha Photos with two whole new sections for 2012, (Jr Ms Youngaloha).
5/4/12 Just completed updating and adding photos to Yvette in Youngaloha Photos. I have also updated Tristin, Shevonne, Tawhnee, Sheldeen, Shayna, Shalema, and Sasha.
4/14/12 Just completly updated POHAI's section of Youngaloha Photos with over 100 changes and new photos. Please celebrate 17 years with Ms Pohaikealoha.
3/14/12 The updating of the youngaloha photos files goes on. Two are note worthy. Heu's section has been updated and NEW photos added from her 2011 Glamour shoot. Jasmine's section has also been updated. I completly re-did her Kahiko section using the oil painting technique.
3/8/12 Updated Constance's section of youngaloha photos and added pics from her family shoot at Redrock from 2009. Most importantly, I completely re-did her 2007 Polynesian Shoot using up-dated styles and using the oil painting technique.
3/2/12 Updated Ariel's section of youngaloha photos with added pics from 2011

Welcome to March. I am slowly getting around to changing all the photos in Youngaloha Photos to the new gallery format introduced in Toni's section last month. So far I have converted Aiyana, Alexa, Amberlyn, 'Anela, Ari, and Ashley C.

I also have some NEW photos in ‘Anela's section. I added the photos of her from 2011 including her and her Mom's Summer Photoshoot and some of the pics I used for my Christmas Card.


Please welcome TONI to Youngaloha Photos. Two Galleries of photos have now been added to her page from a recent Polynesian Photoshoot and a Glamour Photoshoot.

This also marks a change in the GALLERIES. Instead of clicking on a thumbnail image to see it full size, you see the images page size and the thumbnails off to the right. You can see them full size by clicking on the Full Page button in the upper left corner. You can also play the gallery as a slide show by clicking on the play arrow button also in the upper right corner.

This is also the first update for 2012 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

11/27/11 Please welcome ROSARIO to Youngaloha Photos. Four pages of photos have now been added to her page from a recent Polynesian Photoshoot.


Twelve years ago today, came online AS, (it was Greg's Place for a bit before that time). I you like to say Mahalo to the 101540 visitors to the site since then.

4/4/11 Added 4 pages of photos of HEU. This was for her Senior Portraits which was shot mostly on the Las Vegas Strip which as locals we seldom see outside of just driving past. They are in Youngaloha Photos in Heu's section.


Please welcome Jovi and Danica to Young Aloha Photos. Each girl did wonderfully in their photoshoots.



To help celebrate, I have added 4 pages of photos of my Ms Youngaloha, HEU. These are from Heu's 2010 Portfolio and Amazon shoots. They can be found in the Youngaloha Photos in Heu's section.

10/3/2010 Added 2 pages (48 photos) from Tristin's 2010 Bikini Photoshoot to her section in Youngaloha Photos

Quite a few new updates and additions to Youngaloha Photos. Updated photos have been posted over the past few months for Alexa, Auli'i, Geraldine, Hoku, Jessica, and Kaylani. I'd also like to welcome Makenzie to Youngaloha Photos.

In Las Vegas - Polynesian, I am starting to up update Pure Aloha (Spring).

2/6/10 The Kori Kori Tahiti Fete was held in November, I have been working on the website bit by bit since then. I have now updated the 2009 section with Photo Results and Video Highlights of the competitions and the entertainment. There is a link to the website in Youngaloha Las Vegas Polynesian Events.

I have been working on updating a few of my long time young ladies in Youngaloha Photos. Pohai, for example, just had a new set of photos added (see below), but I've also been fixing up her older photos as far as Navagation, etc. Today I'm adding NEW photos of Ashley Kanoa/Sanders and Jaslynn.

Ashley is expecting and of course we did a maternity shoot. She now has photos up of her 2nd trimester shoot and some follow-up "growing" photos in her section. I also re-vamped her whole section just a bit.

Jaslynn is Pohai's "little" sister. I first photographed her way back in 2002 when she was 10. I have fixed up that section of her site and now have added photos that I took of her last year and photos that we took a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe she is fast approching 18.

1/17/10 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, I can still say that since this is the first post of the new year. For 5 1/2 years now, I have been watching my beautiful God daughter Anela grow up. Unfortunately, although I did take photos of her through the years, her section on youngaloha photos fell silent, until today. I have re-vamped her pages, to include some of those photos over the years. Recently she and her beautiful Mommy came over and did a Kahiko photoshoot, thus begins 2010 with two new pages from this shoot. You did very well Anela, and here's to many more years of your cuteness and pure beauty.

Saving some of the best for last. On this last day of 2009 (the 1st decade of the 21st century) I have put up 3 pages of BEAUTIFUL photos of Ms Jamie-Lee POHAIkealoha. She wanted to indulge a bit into the world of Sexy Lingerie. If you don't care for that kind of photos then please feel free to ignore these new photos.

I have also put up photos and photoshows of the Miss Pearls of Polynesia Pageant. Clicking the link in Las Vegas Polynesian Events will take you to the the 2009 section of the MPoP website.


Just some info about the message below this one. I just visited a website called There you can enter a website and check out what it "somewhat" looked like in the past. I noted that's first entry was in fact in 1999. In the NEWS section it reads:


Greg's Place becomes YOUNG

I called my original website Greg's Place (for lack of a better name) which was located on some free web space place, but on 8/28/99, I officially bought/paid for webspace and a domain name of YOUNGALOHA.COM and the rest is history. So once again, Happy 10th youngaloha, and Happy Holidays to all of you out there on the web.




If you look over in Youngaloha Photos, you will notice the copyright dates are 1999 to 2009, a fact I had been over looking until now. I had been taking so many polynesian type photos from 1995 to 1999, I fianlly decided to give it a name which combined the Aloha Spirit and My last name thus was born Youngaloha and Youngaloha Photos. Now after 6 months of no updates I give you plenty to ponder:

The HAWAIIN ISLANDS button is now called ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC and I have added over 200 photos from a recent trip to Tahiti.

In Youngaloha Photos, please welcome Nikki and Dina, along with new photos of Alexa, Ari, Ariel, and Constance. Many of these have been up there for awhile but had not been publicly announced.

I actually wanted to put more up but things seem to keep getting in my way, so much more to come.


5/13/09 Added over 1000 photos of Lei Day Las Vegas to the Las Vegas Hawaiian Events section of the website. The photos are actually hosted on but the link from youngaloha will take you to the photos section and clicking on the return to youngaloha will bring you back. (I actually host and webmaster both sites).
5/9/09 I have put up over 1000 photos from Pure Aloha 2009 in the Las Vegas Hawaiian Events section of the website.
5/1/09 Please welcome Wonderful GERALDINE to Young Aloha Photos. Geraldine was a contestant for Miss Pearls of Polynesia 2008 and dances locally here in Vegas.
3/25/09 Please welcome Beautiful DINA to Young Aloha Photos. Dina is Miss Pearls of Polynesia 2008 and these photos are from her exlcusive photoshoot to both promote MissPearls 2009 and to make some beautiful photos of her.
3/20/09 Please welcome Cute HOKU to Young Aloha Photos. I've known Hoku since before she was born. I even did her first photoshoot (at age 8 months) to prepair for here baby Lu'au. Mommy Steph was one of our premier dancers in Halau 'O Moanike'ala.
3/17/09 Please welcome ALEXA to Young Aloha Photos. Back in December, I had a wonderful photoshoot with Ms. Alexa. I have now (FINALLY) had time to upload 3 pages of photos from the Shoot.
1/26/09 I have FINALLY uploaded photos from The Islands of the Pacific Cultural Festival held back on October of 2008. There are many photos of different groups. Over 300 photos to look at. Don't forget to click on the thumbnails to see the actual "screen size" photos. It's in the Las Vegas Hawaiian Events section of the website.


I have added 4 pages of Heu's WINTER Photoshoot in her section of Youngaloha Photos.

11/3/08 Please welcome Jasmine to Youngaloha Photos. She is a beautiful women inside and out. I have added about 11 pages of her beautiful photos all coming from a photo session we had about 3 weeks ago. Her photo site is located inside of Youngaloha Photos. These photos (and all the photos in Youngaloha Photos) are NOT open to the public. You have to know the password to get in and I only give that out to those I know or the models give it out to their family and friends.
9/1/08 Welcome to September! Introducing Aiyana. She is the niece of Audry and I have added 3 pages of pics of this very cute little person. Her personality speaks volumes in her photos.  This photoshoot was done back in December so she is a whole 9 months older since then. 
8/30/08 Ms Ariel did a second Photoshoot a couple of weeks ago when she came with her sister who just had a baby. I have updated Ariel's site on youngaloha photos and have added 24 pics from the 2nd shoot.
8/29/2008 Added 3 pages of Baby Katinia and her Mom and Dad (Alysa and Afa) in Alysa's section of Youngaloha Photos. This was her first photoshoot (1 week old) along with some other photos taken since then.
At 12:00AM 8/24/08 in celebration of going over the 50,000 visitor mark and to pay tribute to a very special young lady, I am proud to announce the NEW MS. YOUNGALOHA,
She is a wonderful person and everybody who knows her loves her to death. She has worked very hard over the last several months in preparation for becoming Ms Youngaloha. The homepage has now changed to reflect our new Princess (don't be too much in a hurry to move on or you will miss Heu's Hula). Our former Ms Youngaloha, Pohaikealoha, has graciously stepped down and sends all her best to Heu, we also send her our eternal gratitude for her service, beauty, and friendship.
Not only the homepage has changed. There is also a new section called Site Information, it hosts all the the FAQs we had before, but also has a special section in tribute of all three Ms Youngaloha(s) all with beautiful photos to look at.
Another new section is called the Youngaloha Network. It lists all of the websites (with links) that are apart of the Youngaloha network and will also host the links section.
There is a new Slideshow in Youngaloha Photos and of course I have added a ton of new photos of our New Ms Y in the Heu section. Many more photos will be added soon and a lot more to the website is coming.

At approximately 1:30 AM, the unique visitor count on hit

Firstly, I'd like to thank all of you out there for visiting the site over the years. To celebrate the occasion, there will be some rather major changes coming this weekend to the site. STAY TUNED!

50,000 AND COUNTING!!!


8/20/08 Added photos of the Groups that performed at Tahiti Fete Las Vegas (May 2008).
8/16/08 I have added photos from all those who performed at Lei Day Las Vegas 2008. Just go to Las Vegas Hawaiian Events and click on Lei Day under 2008.
8/6/08 Introducing Ashley C, Melanie M, and Tawhnee M (H in 3 days) to Youngaloha Photos.
6/3/08 STARTED to add photos to Tahiti Fete Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Hawaiian Events section. More should be added each day.
4/26/08 Added over 200 photos of Pure Aloha Spring 2008. These are located in the Las Vegas Hawaiian Events section Under 2008.
2/19/08 Added photos of HEU winning the Nationals, Inc. Miss Jr Teen Las Vegas 2008 Pageant in the Las Vegas Hawaiian Events section.
1/15/08 Mommy Alysa and Daddy Afa are having a baby girl in about 18 weeks. I have Added a Maternity section to Alysa's homepage in Youngaloha Photos. 1st Trimester Photos are up and 2nd Trimester Photos will be going up in a couple of weeks.
1/13/08 Finished Adding Photos from the Lake Las Vegas Festival.
1/12/08 Started Adding Photos from the LAKE LAS VEGAS Festival. Located in Las Vegas Hawaiian Events under 2007
1/11/08 Finished adding photos from the Fall Pure Aloha Festival.
1/10/08 Started Adding Photos from the FALL Pure Aloha Festival.
1/7/08 Added Halau Hula 'O Keleimomi's HO`IKE 2007 to the Las Vegas Hawaiian Events section of the website. Six pages of photos have been posted of the cultural event held in November of 2007. Video as well as photos and video of the Haleamau Family concert will be posted in the near future.
1/2/08 Added Photos of Hot Lava Production's MELE KALIKIMAKA 2007 to the Las Vegas Hawaiian section. Just click on the one under the 2007 header. There are 7 pages of photos from the 2007 show (147 photos).
1/1/08 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008
12/29/07 Added a new section to the website. YOUNGALOHA VISITORS will be a place that you can look at a Google Earth file showing places from around the world where people have logged on to
12/28/07 Added Eight More Pages 17-23 and vendors which COMPLETES the Ninth Island Christmas Bazaar section for 2007
12/27/07 Added Two More Pages 15-16 (Polynesian Paradise) to the Ninth Island Christmas Bazaar
12/26/07 Added Three More Pages 12-14 (Halau Ha'a O' Heleloa) to the Ninth Island Christmas Bazaar
12/25/07 Added Three More Pages 9-11 (Halau 'O Kaleo'okalani) to the Ninth Island Christmas Bazaar
12/22/07 Added Three More Pages 6-8 (NANI OLA) to the Ninth Island Christmas Bazaar.
12/21/07 Starting adding photos of the 2007 Ninth Island Christmas Bazaar. The first 5 pages are up and more will be added daily. Check it out in Las Vegas Hawaiian Events
11/28/07 Added 5 pages of photos of Hot Lava's Mele Kalikimaka Show which was held in Laughlin in December of 2006. Just click on the Mele Kalikimaka Button in Las Vegas Hawaiian Events. They start the 2007 Show very soon.
11/28/07 Updated the Drums of the Islands Photo Galleries with 6 more pages of photos from the 2nd half of the 2007 Season.
11/23/07 Today begins the Christmas Season. I decided to give Pohai a rest from her HomePage Hula and gave the job to Santa. I've also added a new photo slide show to the homepage showing past and present Christmas related photos. You might also have found the NEWS page a bit on the Holiday theme
11/16/07 Please welcome AMBERLYN to Youngaloha Photos. Three pages of photos from her photoshoot (one in both color and Sepia) have been added.
11/13/07 Please welcome KAYLANI & FRANKIE to Youngaloha Photos. Both of these little ones did a great job posing and their beautiful photos have been added to the Kaylani-Frankie section.
11/10/07 NEW PHOTOS added to ALYSA's section of Youngaloha Photos. Alysa and Afa's photoshoot together brings 8 new pages of photos of a beautiful couple. Of course after the couple comes the Maternity. Celebrate with Alysa and Afa over the next several months as they begin their new family.

Please welcome TEVAKANUI.COM to the youngaloha 'Ohana of websites. Please visit ALL of the youngaloha webites: - - - - - -

10-27-2007 Please welcome SHELDEEN to Youngaloha Photos
10-26-2007 It's been ONE MONTH and a couple of days since Tristin and Billy's little Bladen arrived. We did the one month after photoshoot yesterday and I (can you believe it) got busy and put up about 50 new photos in Tristin's section of Youngaloha Photos.
10-24-2007 Today would have been Robin's 22nd Birthday. So in her honor and memory, I dedicate to Robin today. In her honor, go dance a hula or at least watch someone dance the hula. I'm sure Robin is Dancing in Heaven. We miss you Robin!
10-17-2007 Added Maternity Photos of Chrissie in her section of Youngaloha Photos
10-12-2007 Ho'olaule'a 2007 is now fully up on the Las Vegas Hawaiian Events page. 395 Photos were added.
9-27-2007 Please welcome Constance to Young Aloha Photos. She now has her own section with 11 pages of photos.
8-21-07 Added a Video Tribute from Lei Day for Robin Makahilahila Dye AND expanded my personal tribute to her with a Photographic Memorial Video. The are in the Las Vegas Hawaiian section. Look toward the bottom and click on Robin Dye Memorial.
6-27-07 Added a Video Slide show of the Fireknife Memorial for Mika at the Hawaiian Market Place. Like always, check it out in the Las Vegas Hawaiian Event section of the website.
5-10-07 New Events Homepage and photos added to Maleah
4-13-07 Added Merrie Monarch Hula section to Las Vegas Hawaiian Events to follow the adventure of Nani Ola Hawaiian Dance Co. experience at the Festival.
3-23-07 Welcome YVETTE to Youngaloha Photos. I've added 2 galleries of photos from a recent photoshoot
2-21-07 Welcome ASHLEY K to Youngaloha Photos. I added 4 pages of photos from a recent photoshoot
2-18-07 Welcome SHAYNA to Youngaloha Photos. Shayna is not new here but her OWN "space" is. Added NEW photos from her Sweet 16 Photoshoot and Birthday Party.
1-3-07 6 NEW Galleries have been added to Drums of the Islands Photo Galleries for a 12 galleries. Click on Drums of the Islands (or go to and then click on Gallery
1-2-07 Made modifications to the Homepage of New title, new slideshow, and new flash Kahiko
12-31-06 Please welcome Heu, Mele, and Moe to Young Aloha Photos. There are pages of photos for each and one page of them together.
11-17-06 I have completed adding all photos from my Hawaii 2006 trip. Both Kauai and Oahu has all of the new photos ready to be looked upon. Just click on the Hawaiian Islands Photos button.
11-12-06 I have completed adding photos from my recent trip to Kauai. All DOTS are now active. I will now begin working on an update to O'ahu in Hawaiian Islands Photos.
11-10-06 I updated all of my Hawaiian Island Photo pages and have began to add photos from my 2006 trip starting with Kauai. Purple Dots designate the 2006, click on a dot and if there are photos there you will see them.
7-29-06 Please welcome Kehaulani or Kehau for short to Youngaloha Photos. I did a Photoshoot with her a couple of months ago and FINALLY got some of the photos posted and approved. Please visit her section in Youngaloha Photos. Sorry, you will need to know the password to view the photos, so this is just for my Youngaloha Photos 'Ohana.
Introducing Sasha. Added 1 page of photos of Sasha. These were actually taken about a year ago but better late then never. She is the sister to Shalema and the Aunt of Shanice. Young Aloha Photos
Re-Introducing Priscilla in the Young Aloha Photos section. Six pages of photos from a recent Photoshoot.
New Center Flash Animation on Main Page


Added a Calendar for Youngaloha (Photoshoots, Events, etc.)


Added 9 pages of "Sexy PopStar" photos of Pohai. They are in her section in Youngaloha Photos.


Introducing Shalema! 5 pages (plus one in Sepia) of this beautiful young lady. Take a look in Young Aloha Photos. (you will need a password to view photos in Young Aloha Photos).


Added 6 pages of Hula Kahiko photos of Pohai. They are in her section in Youngaloha Photos.


Revamped to be the official web home for Moanikeala Fiafia. Added 2004 photos of Fia and her Mom and Dad from Hawaii.




Youngaloha website has been moved to a new webHost IX Webhosting


Added PASSWORD security to Young Aloha Photos. Click here for Password Information